Real-World Evidence for Decisions in Diabetes

REDDIE General Assembly meeting

On December 7th, the REDDIE consortium gathered virtually for their first General Assembly meeting. Approximately 30 consortium members participated, sharing updates on the progress within their respective work packages and tasks with the end goal to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. The primary focus is to exploring how regulators, payers, and guideline developers can enhance decision-making by integrating data from sources other than randomised controlled trials (RCTs), such as real-world data from devices, wearables, and electronic health records in large national registries.


As the project approaches its one-year mark, the meeting served as an ideal platform to provide a comprehensive overview of advancements in each work package. This ensured a seamless flow of information among all participants. Dr Julia Mader, the project coordinator from MUG, and Project Manager Martina Radanović from EURICE warmly welcomed attendees. They highlighted key deliverables and milestones achieved to date and outlined upcoming in the following months.

Representatives from each work package shared progress updates on their respective tasks, identified challenges they are currently facing, and discussed potential avenues for collaboration in overcoming these challenges. The biggest discussion centred around the validation of the RWE against RCT evidence and the regulators and stakeholder engagement to facilitate supplement clinical trials data with RWE and synthetic data.

The meeting provided a platform to share progress and foster collaboration among partners, setting a promising trajectory for the project's success. The next REDDIE consortium gathering is scheduled for April 2024, when partners will meet face-to-face in Denmark.