Real-World Evidence for Decisions in Diabetes

Technical Meeting between UNIPD and NOH on Diabetes Outcome Analysis

On July 3-4, 2024, the University of Padova's Department of Information Engineering hosted a productive technical meeting between UNIPD and NOH. This significant event was focused on exploring collaborative opportunities and discussing the utilisation of data from Danmarks Statistik.

The meeting brought together key researchers from both institutions, who engaged in in-depth discussions on the methodologies for analysing diabetes outcomes using real-world data. The exchange of ideas and expertise was stimulating, as participants identified numerous points of contact and potential synergies.

Throughout the two days, the researchers delved into various aspects of diabetes research, emphasising the importance of leveraging real-world data to enhance the understanding of diabetes outcomes. The discussions underscored the potential benefits of integrating diverse datasets and employing advanced analytical techniques to improve research quality and impact. The event concluded with a shared vision of developing innovative solutions and methodologies that will ultimately benefit patients and healthcare providers.

This meeting marks a promising step forward in the collaboration between UNIPD and NOH. The partners expressed enthusiasm about the future possibilities and are committed to continuing their joint efforts to advance diabetes research.