Real-World Evidence for Decisions in Diabetes

Universitaet Ulm (UULM) – Ulm, Germany

The research group of the institute of epidemiology and medical biometry at Ulm University in Germany is well experienced in modern methodology for longitudinal analysis of observational medical data. The diabetes patient follow-up registry (DPV) is a standardized, prospective, multicenter, computer-based documentation of diabetes care and outcome. Data are recorded locally at 517 participating centers providing special diabetes care in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Switzerland, and transferred for central analysis after anonymization to the research group at Ulm University. The DPV initiative has a long standing experience of over 25 years in successful performance of highly ranked and published scientific research projects. Currently, DPV provides longitudinal real-world registry data for more than 700,000 people with all diabetes types.

Role within REDDIE

In REDDIE, the DPV research group at Ulm University is involved in the work packages “Identifying diabetes database and metadata contained in them” and “Validating real-world evidence against randomized controlled trial evidence”. With the DPV registry, Ulm University provides access to a large real-world diabetes database and therefore plays a central role in the emulation of results from clinical trials.

Main contacts

Photo of Stefanie Lanzinger
Stefanie Lanzinger

Principal Investigator

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Reinhard Holl

Principal Investigator